Itsenav officially started in the second half of 2008, and specializes in interactive, digital floor plans, floor plan management, floor plan consultancy and floor plan management software. 

A company that was an initiator of itsenav is TrimMIC, that was located in the River Neighborghood in Amsterdam

WTC Amsterdam atrium

From 2008 till the end of 2010, we found a nice office in the World Trade Center of Amsterdam. As every start-up should, we've started in a room without a view... Or, well, there was a view, it's just we couldn't see any trees or skylines. The coffee corner downstairs was our main point of view. 

At the end of 2010, TrimMIC and itsenav left the WTC and moved to a neighborhood in Bussum with the same architecture as the Amsterdam river neighborhood (Amsterdam School)

Korte Godelindestraat Bussum

Our business philosophy is that an innovative company culture will lead to a long term success, both for ourselves and our clients. Research & development is a primary objective, and necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. Our strength is understanding the needs of our clients and their end-users.

Due to our specialized products, we are able to exactly measure the usage behavior of our clients customers. This information is then used to improve new and existing products.



Itsenav builds interactive digital floor plans, and delivers them both to the web and as touch screen applications.
With our floor plans, we can make your business findable. read more...

Floor plan to navigate your shop

Imagine a large record store. You're walking in, because you want to buy a cd from "U2" for your nephew. What would you do? Probably walk up to the counter, stand in line, and then ask the sales person to guide you to the cd.
But what about finding it yourself? Our touch screen floor plans can make all inventory findable within seconds!