Our range of interactive floor plans is endless. We can create an attractive 2d floor plan for your trade show, or a 3d rotating plan of your entire business center.
What these two have in common, is the locations that will be put on the map. These locations will have descriptions such as "booths", "tables", "toilets", "offices", etcetera. But they will also have all sorts of properties attached to them.
With these properties, like names, url's, brands, square meters, price, etcetera, you can search the whole plan, and find exactly what or who you need!

To put it simple, this is what you can do:

  • Show all elevators/toilets/fire escapes in a building in just one click.
  • Make reservations: we'll let you pick your chair from all available seats in the cinema for tonight's movie
  • Find the booth with brand X that you were looking for in the trade show.
  • We'll show you how to walk from our touchscreen application in the lobby, to the person you have an appointment with.
  • And much, much more. We'll be glad to help your company with a personalized floor plan; just contact us!

All floor plans can have these options:

  • Display online
  • Perfect integration in your website
  • Mouse over information display
  • Professional user interface
  • Extra information per location, which can be added/updated by the location's owner. In case of a trade show, the companies can have their own login, edit their information, add video, web links, product information, etcetera.
  • Search form which searches through the plan (without refreshing the page!)
  • PDF output (i.e. send as attachment to your customers; perfect printing)
  • Advanced search options
  • Send the personalized plan to your cell phone
  • Save the selected location(s) on the visitor's computer

touch screen information kiosk

Touch screen floor plans

Not only do we create floor plans, we can also convert them to touch screen applications, and install them as information stands in your company.
Visitors to a hospital, business centre, or library will be able to navigate inside the building, in a very easy and efficient way.
Off course, the directions or whole floor plan can be printed out for future reference.

2D interactive floor plans

Most of the time, our clients use a 2D floor plan. When their location is just one story high or just one floor needs to be mapped, the location can easily be navigated by with a 2D floor plan.
An example of a 2D interactive floor plan can be seen at ISSA/Interclean's floor plan.

Managing your floor plan

We are currently developing a state-of-the-art management tool for our floor plans. With this management tool, you will be able to:

  • add and edit locations (width, height, position)
  • manage the categories for all locations
  • change the background image(s) for the plan
  • choose the colors you want to use for borders and backgrounds
  • see usage statistics for your floor plan

Reservation module

Wouldn't it be great to visualize which rooms your hotel has left for the night? Not only for the receptionist, but also for the client who wants to book online. And while we're at it, they can make a reservation for that room by clicking it!
Highlighting only the available rooms for 1-2 persons is a search option, just as is the "show me the best available room" button!


All reservation data will be securely stored in your own or our databases, and can be managed from within a secure environment.
Scheduled cleanup of past reservations can be arranged.
Import and export of reservations can be done from Xml, Excel ®, CSV or plain text.

All types of reservations possible

We can implement these reservation tools for any type of business. For example restaurants, cinemas, airlines, hotels, and even hospitals!
You might even use our floor plan to make reservations for the meeting room in your company!

Planning module

Using the floor plan as a planning tool is almost the same as the reservation module. We'll give you the tools to create your planning in a visual manner. You'll just have to pick a date, and we'll show you what is planned for which locations.
And off course, we can make the floor plan to exactly fit your needs.
For example:

  • time based warnings. If a room is not scheduled for cleaning on Wednesday, we'll show you by highlighting the room.
  • Selection based availability. When you are re-scheduling a science class for Tuesday afternoon, only the class rooms attached to category "science" can be chosen. Except when you don't want to: enabling all classes is just one click away.
  • Integration with existing planning tools. You might already be using a perfect text based planning tool, but you're missing a visual representation, and/or your planning tool cannot be shown online. In that case, our programmers will just integrate your tool within our application.

Custom modules

As you might have understood by now, the options are truly endless.
We can add all kinds of contact forms, videos, images, pop-ups to all locations of your floor plan.

3D interactive floor plan

For real estate, shopping malls, and other multi-level buildings, we can also provide 3d floor plans.
While one floor can be looked upon in 2D, the viewer also has to know what floor they are viewing. Therefore, we can make a 3D model of your building, and highlight the current part of the building the user is viewing as a floor plan.

Other options include:

  • Visualizing the complete route from the entrance untill room 7.16 on the 7th floor (i.e. as a red line through a semi-transparent building)
  • highlighting all fire exits in the building


Itsenav builds interactive digital floor plans, and delivers them both to the web and as touch screen applications.
With our floor plans, we can make your business findable. read more...

Floor plan to navigate your shop

Imagine a large record store. You're walking in, because you want to buy a cd from "U2" for your nephew. What would you do? Probably walk up to the counter, stand in line, and then ask the sales person to guide you to the cd.
But what about finding it yourself? Our touch screen floor plans can make all inventory findable within seconds!